Cells Within Sells

Turmeric, shell, resin, sand, polymers, blown glass, dehydrated shrimp, milkweed, mealworm, fish spine, contact lenses, aqua resin, paper pulp, foam, latex

41” x 68” x 6” | 2019

Contact lenses shell, turmeric, paper pulp, resin, milkweed, shrimp, mealworm vvvvvvvvvvv

(Detail) Resin,polymer fish, sand, shell, kelp, resin

(Detail)  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
fish spine, resin

^^^^^^^^^^^^ Milkweed, shrimp, mealworm, kelp, resin

The first of their kind 

Dehydrated tomatoes, vinyl, glass beads, stinkhorn mushroom, peach resin, resin, plexi, paper pulp, foam

15” x 11” x 2” | 2019

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