Cells Within Sells

Turmeric, shell, resin, sand, polymers, blown glass, dehydrated shrimp, milkweed, mealworm, fish spine, contact lenses, aqua resin, paper pulp, foam, latex
41 x 68 x 6 in

(detail) Resin, polymer fish, sand, shell, kelp, resin
(detail) Contact lenses shell, turmeric, paper pulp, resin, milkweed, shrimp, mealworm
(detail) Fish spine, resin
(detail) Milkweed, shrimp, mealworm, kelp, resin

The first of their kind

Dehydrated tomatoes, vinyl, glass beads, stinkhorn mushroom, peach resin, resin, plexi, paper pulp, foam
15 x 11 x 2 in

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