Sasha Fishman is a sculptor, researcher, and plastics enthusiast interested in material futures in relation to water systems.

Sasha’s work has been featured in group exhibitions at Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York (2019); Spring/Break, Los Angeles (2019); the Visual Arts Center, Austin (2019, 2018, 2017); and the Rosenberg Gallery at Goucher College, Baltimore Maryland (2019), among others. Sasha is a nominee for the Rema Hort Mann Emerging Artist Grant (2020) and is a recipient of numerous awards, including a grant from The Dallas Museum of Art (2018), research fellowships from The University of Texas at Austin (2018), and scholarships from Urban Glass, Oxbow and Anderson Ranch.

Sasha is pursing cross disciplinary projects invovling marine organisms and engineered living materials. Current projects include 3D bioprinting with local sea sponge, creating a nontoxic bio based compostable resin and experimenting with marine preservation methods. She is an artist-in-residence at Spira, and is an organizer at SUPERCOLLIDER, an art+sci+tech platform in LA.
Sasha Fishman works and lives
in Los Angeles + Baltimore.