The Space Between 
Your Nostrils

The Space Between Your Nostrils | RESORT Baltimore
Opening Saturday, June 5, 2021 from 4 -8pm
Masks required in the gallery

RESORT is pleased to present two solo exhibitions:
Ground Swell, a show of new works by Sophia Belkin 
and The Space Between Your Nostrils, an installation and material study by Sasha Fishman. 

The Space Between Your Nostrils

Sasha Fishman explores the byproducts and aftermath of the cicada emergence in her installation, examining the discarded shells as a source material that overlaps her existing biomaterial development inquiries. Typically situated in the excess and waste stream materials from the commercial fishing industry, Sasha’s work compares toxicity and sustainability in sculptural material, while considering ethical questions around extraction and long-term impact.

The installation encourages viewers to collect and contribute cicada shells which can be deposited into a door slot at Resort. These shells will be used for a community bioplastic extraction at The Timekeepers Workshop July 9 at The Shed Space. The shells will gather in the installation where biomaterials are growing and decaying at different rates within synthetic containers which will outlast their organic contents.  Consisting of casts of the artist’s jawbone,  replicas of a deceased hagfish, and growing algae, the installation is a circular investigation of biomaterials, corporeal collapse and its inevitable relationship to our own bodies.  

We may observe the abundance of cicada shells as discarded material, but how is the ecosystem deprived by removing this substance for our own use over time? These questions, material investigations, extractions and cultivations are part of Sasha’s perpetual, and potentially futile hope of replacing resin, a toxic material that is vital to the evolution of her sculptural work.

The exhibitions are on view through the end of July, 2021 and open Saturdays 12 - 4pm and by appointment.

PRESS - BMORE ART: Rupture and Regeneration: Sophia Belkin and Sasha Fishman in Resort’s Final Shows

Tongue Thrust
Kiln cast uranium glass from CT scan, vinyl tubing, water, reclaimed clay, cicada wings, glass slides
5.5 in x 6 in x 4.5 in

Viscosity of Loss
Water, resin, fiberglass, flex seal, flex seal, flex seal, flex seal, pigment, pump, mister, acrylic, silicone and resin hagfish casts, tubing
41 in x 41 in x 7 in
Photo by Seth Adelsberger

Priscilla Priscilla (PI)
Iodine, plaster hagfish casts 
2 in x 2 in x 2 in (varied) 

Priscilla Priscilla (B)
Bismuth hagfish cast 
2 in x 2 in x 2.5 in

Spirulina algae, hand blown glass, tubing, airstone 
Dimensions vary

Shrimp Ice
Holographic chitosan (shrimp shells), vinegar, resin, copper, chain 
Dimensions vary

Resin, image transfer, melted styrofoam, steel
37 in x 40 in x 35 in 

Hagfish skin, egg yolk, oil, General Electric collectible fan, wire, alligator clip
Dimensions vary
Cicada lair
Community collected cicada shells, reclaimed clay
Dimensions vary

Mr. Winemaker 
Wine, paper, plastic grapes, cement, PVA, tape, newspaper, wax, spirulina, salt, water
Dimensions vary

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