Fabrication support: Kenny Sale, Carol Yuan, Lolo Dederer and Ray Barsante
Sourcing: Salmon skin donated from Acme
Filmed by Kenny Sale + Matthew Genecov + Sasha Fishman
Sound by Miles Scharff + Sasha Fishman

On View April 21 - May 19, 2024
Wallach Art Gallery
New York, NY

I want to be wet, 2024
Douglas Fir, shellac, beer, salt, dried fish collagen, marshmallow, salmon eggs, glycerin, salmon scales, tanned salmon skin, egg yolk, Dawn, monitors, media players, speakers, beeswax thread; 7 channel video, color, sound
11’ x 12’ x 9’; 05:30

Just Spawned, 2024
Inkjet print
116” x 190”

If you trap me in resin will I ever dry out, 2024
Copper flashing, resin encapsulated chemically preserved and manually spawned salmon, plexi-glass, LED
12” x 12” x 8”
Sourcing: Salmon donated from the Salmon River Fish Hatchery
Lab Support: Campos Lab

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